Cities are For Lonely People -- Are You Lonely?

Quick thought: The City of Vancouver (and cities more broadly) is grappling with the problem of loneliness and isolation. Perhaps you're experiencing this problem in a very personal way - if so, you're not alone in feeling awfully alone. Some call it a "loneliness crisis" and it's worth exploring the reasons why this is happening. 

Our sermon series through the letters to Thessalonian church have been prompting me to think a lot about the way that the love experienced within a Christian church represents such a wonderful expression of God's love to us. When you come to worship services and join us for Bible studies and make a point of devoting some of your time to the gatherings we initiate, you will discover this rich gift of Christian fellowship. 

One Great Article to Get You Started:

“One guy said the worst invention there ever was the garage door opener,” Ms. Wightman said over lunch recently. “It allowed people to go into their homes without having to talk to their neighbours.”

Vancouver has had a reputation as one of the most aloof, least friendly cities in Canada for years now. That beyond the superficial smiles a visitor or newcomer to town will get, there isn’t much.
— "Alone, So Alone" by Gary Mason (