Psalm 22 and the Judgment of History

This particular sermon on Psalm 22 was incredibly moving to me as I meditated on the text of the Psalm, prepared to preach its life-giving message, and then actually preached it!

Our flock was fed from a choice portion of God's Word yesterday - may the Lord bless our hearing of His Holy Word! 

For it’s the gospel (good news of salvation) that we find in Psalm 22!

And this gospel must fill our hearts and transform our lives – it is good news concerning the One who Trusted in God – and who now calls you and me to trust in God.

We must be confident of this: He has not hidden his face from you, but has heard, when you cry to Him! (vs 24, the heart of this psalm)

Jesus has undergone the judgment of God which was suffered in the flesh and blood of man.

He has undertaken the payment-in-full of the debt of sin for all His people!

Sermon: Psalm 22

Plus: A textual outline in the stanzas of lament and response can be found below. I make mention of it in the sermon.

Psalm 22 Handout - Stanzas of Lament & Response