Come One Come All!

Our Exodus Bible Study Schedule is Ready!

We are launching our new Bible study this week and the assigned readings for homework are all outlined below. We’d love to have you join us for this time of meditation and reflection on God’s Holy Word.

study schedule - exodus

As Dr. Bryan Estelle of Westminster Seminary California sums up the impact of the exodus in the Bible,

“The exodus motif is the Bible’s grand narrative, and it is one of the best stories because it encompasses all the major aspects of God’s work of salvation through Christ: redemption from sin, suffering, and the tyranny of the devil (the exodus from Egypt and Pharaoh); bringing us into the very presence of God (represented at Sinai); wilderness wanderings (pilgrimage toward a special place); and possession of the land of Canaan (ultimately symbolizing entitlement to the world-to-come; cf. Heb 4) in order to be a unified, holy people in a place where they might worship God perpetually.”

Bryan Estelle, Echoes of Exodus, pg 5