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Lord's Day Worship Services (Nov 19)

When we set aside time on the Lord's Day to worship God and hear from His Word, we demonstrate in a very vivid and tangible way that we are devoted to the worship of the One True God! It's become common to say, "oh, I believe in God' but to accord no time in ones' life to the worship of God. 

This must not be. 

Rather, the Word of God calls us to gather regularly together to worship and feed on God's Word. 

We'll be continuing in our sermon series in the Gospel of Matthew and looking at Matthew 4:13-17 which details the start of Jesus' ministry. 

Daniel Doriani helpfully writes on this passage: "Every believer has new life through his union with Christ (Romans 6:3-5). The old self is crucified with Christ, 'so that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin -- because anyone who has died has been freed from sin' (Romans 6:6-7). This does not mean that the believer will never sin again. In this life, we cannot escape sin's reach. Our experience of God's reign is partial. Yet, since we are 'alive to God in Christ Jesus', we do not let sin reign (6:11-12). The Christian has died to sin in the sense that we are no longer its slaves or prisoners, under its dominion, so that there is at least the hope of living faithfully. Still, we must consider why we experience the gap between our essence - belonging to Christ - and our practice of falling into sin." (Reformed Expositor's Commentary, p. 87)

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