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Sunday Services - 2pm and 4pm... "They Ought to Appreciate Me"

Our sermon this Sunday will be from Matthew 5:10-12 and what it means to be salt and light in the world. On this text a lot has been written but John Stott does an excellent job introducing us to the real tension in this text and the way it unfolds in our lives. 

He writes, 

“The values and standards of Jesus are in direct conflict with the commonly accepted values and standards of the world. The world judges the rich to be blessed, not the poor, whether in the material or in the spiritual sphere; the happy go-lucky and carefree, not those who take evil so seriously that they mourn over it; the strong and brash, not the meek and gentle; the full not the hungry; those who mind their own business, not those who meddle in other men’s matters and occupy their time in do-goodery like ‘showing mercy’ and ‘making peace’; those who attain their ends even if necessary by devious means, not the pure in heart who refuse to compromise their integrity; those who are secure and popular, and live at ease, not those who have to suffer persecution.” (John Stott, The Sermon on the Mount, p.54)