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Exodus Bible Study - Lesson 1

We are beginning our new study of the book of Exodus on Wednesday night at the Frasers’ home. Please join us for this time of prayer, song, and the study of scripture.

In preparation for Lesson 1, please read Exodus 1:1-14 and Revelation 12 as we will explore the overarching story that takes on a new dynamic in the events of the Exodus of God’s people from their place of bondage and grief.


The Backdrop to the Exodus Event

In Genesis 15:12-21, “God promised Abraham an offspring and a land, and he fulfilled these promises in two stages. The first stage of fulfillment is in the old covenant, with the nation Israel and the land of Canaan. Israel was the promised offspring, and Canaan was the Promised Land. These promises, however, were not an end in themselves, for God also promised Abraham that through him he would bless the nations. The second, and greater, stage of fulfillment is in the new covenant. God’s promise of an offspring is fulfilled in believers and their children, and his promise of a land looks forward to the greater fulfillment of the new heavens and new earth. The nation of Israel and the land of Canaan were only temporary, first-level fulfillments of God’s promise to Abraham. With the coming of Christ, a greater fulfillment has occurred.”

Zach Keele & Michael Brown, Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored, pg 86