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Exodus Bible Study - Lesson 6 & 7

This week we will be looking at Exodus 3:12-4:17 as we continue to explore the story of the Exodus.


• How does the apparent strike of the Serpent against Jesus at Golgotha (‘place of the skull’) end up being clearly a very different type of blow against Satan?

• Why does the LORD layer so many previews in these moments?

• What is the significance of the LORD’s anger being addressed by the sending of a priest? (4:14)

As Pete Enns puts it in his excellent commentary on Exodus,

“This episode, then, presages the upheaval of the natural phenomena in the plagues and the crossing of the Red Sea. Bushes do not remain unscorched when on fire, but neither do rivers turn to blood. Frogs, flies, and locusts do not normally invade a nation. Gnats are not formed from dust. Hail and darkness do not fall on command. The firstborn of a nation do not die all in one night. Seas do not form walls of water. Moses would have been wise to learn a lesson from this burning bush. The God who is calling him is the God over creation. The natural phenomena do his bidding; all are under his control. In light of this fact, made clear in the burning bush, Moses' excuses in [chapter 4] to be exonerated from his responsibility are almost comical.” (Enns, 97)

All are welcome to join us!

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