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Exodus Bible Study - Lesson 8 & 9

Our attention turns to a challenging and troubling portion of the story of the Exodus in Exodus 4:18-31.

As Hywel Jones explains,

“If he was going to lead the people out of Egypt, he himself had to keep the covenant which God made with the forefathers”

“Deeply ingrained now in Moses’ heart is the truth that it is the wrath of God (not of Pharaoh) from which man needs protection, and that God has Himself supplied sufficient protective covering in His covenant of grace and its ordinances. It is this truth which is seen in its perfection on Passover night and in connection with the blood of the lamb.” (Hywel Jones, 124)


1. What is the significance of each ‘go’ in the opening vs 18-20?

2. What is repeated in vs 21-23 and what is newly revealed?

3. Why would the LORD call Israel His firstborn?

4. Why does the LORD come to put Moses to death?

5. Are there reasons for the LORD’s anger to be especially hot over the matter of circumcision?

6. How does the text answer our questions? What details remain outstanding?

7. In the midst of a terrifying moment of extreme danger, what is necessary?

8. What is the significance of Moses’ new title given to him by Zipporah?


• Why is Moses’ neglect of the sacrament of circumcision so alarming? How does it foreshadow further neglect in coming generations?

• What is the power of the blood which was spilled with the flint knife of Zipporah in the emergency circumcision? What does Hebrews 9:22 help us understand this more?

• What did the Israelites need to make it through the night of the Passover? What impact has the sacrifice of Jesus Christ had for us?

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