We are Presbyterian

We are committed and confessional Presbyterians. This means that we embrace the clear and rich teachings of the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechism. We are committed to teaching and defending the Christian faith that has been entrusted to the Christian Church through the centuries since the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven. We believe that the Protestant Reformation, with its profound recovery of scriptural teachings and biblical piety, continues to be a major watershed moment in the Christian Church! We are consciously committed to the five great solas of the Reformation. 

Through the influence and actions of Scottish Presbyterians, our congregation was formed as a continuation of the Presbyterian tradition and we continue to identify ourselves with this continuing legacy of faithfulness and biblical teaching.

We value Expository Preaching

Expository preaching (that is, preaching through the text of scripture in portions at a time) is a necessary antidote to the superficiality that plagues the modern Christian church in our time. We believe that preaching from God's Word is a wonderful way to guard ourselves against the traditions, fads, and opinions of mere humans. We find that the sustained and regular practice of preaching through books of the Bible is a wonderful way to feed on God's Word, grow in our understanding of it, and see the way in which all of Scripture teaches us about God and our relationship with Him!

We are Psalm-singers

We sing the Psalms in our worship services!

Of course, more explanation is probably required of our practice of singing the Psalms in worship. During our corporate worship services, we sing only the Psalms as they are inspired by God the Holy Spirit and fitted for worship of the Living God! The very God who inspired the Psalmists has entrusted these wonderful texts to the Church for edification and worship. We refrain from singing hymns and contemporary songs which are uninspired compositions of human authors for a host of reasons. 

This practice of a capella Psalm singing was much more widespread in past generations (many Reformed and Presbyterian denominations have added hymns only in the last 100 years) and it is only recently that it has become a rarity in Protestant denominations.  We continue to sing the Psalms every worship service! We find in them an incredible array of emotions. The Psalms capture, provoke, and comfort you in equal measure as you lift up your voice in song to the LORD God!

If this tradition is unfamiliar to you, we would encourage you to learn more about it by visiting our services and experiencing this practice for yourself - you may be surprised by what you discover about the psalms through singing them with us!