Our Leadership

As you'll see when you visit us, we are a small congregation. Nonetheless, we give thanks to God for His kindness in providing us with a pastor, an elder, and two deacons to take up the particular responsibilities which God has entrusted to them for the benefit of the whole congregation and, we pray, for the community at large!

Our Pastor

Rev. Norman Van Eeden Petersman

Hi there! I'm excited to be joining the Vancouver APC (as of February 1st, 2017) and taking up the work of ministry here in the city of Vancouver! The Lord has placed a strong conviction in my heart concerning this new call to serve here and to make Christ known.

Before coming to Vancouver, I served for four years as the pastor of the Adoration United Reformed Church in Vineland, Ontario. Prior to that, I completed an M.Div at Westminster Seminary California.

In my first 32 years, I've gone from being a farm kid in Lethbridge, Alberta to a student of politics and philosophy in Langley, BC (at Trinity Western University), a tree planter in the mountains of British Columbia, a political staffer in Ottawa, ON and Surrey, BC, a seminary student in Escondido, CA, and a pastor in the Niagara region. Now the Lord has brought me, my wife, and our son to a new home and a warm church family.

Through the Lord's direction of my life, I became more and more aware of a calling to proclaim the blessed truth of reconciliation in Jesus Christ. This burden to make Christ known to believers and unbelievers alike continues to fill me with a passion for the Word and a desire to serve Christ's church in the pastoral office.

If you're new to the area and looking for a church, or just interested in learning more about the unique congregation that is the Vancouver APC, please email or call me and we'll set up a time to meet - your first cup of coffee will be on me!

Contact Pastor Norm: pastor@vancouverapc.org or (604) 227-1009

*new: Pastor Norm shared the story of his calling to the ministry in a recent speech to a Toastmasters Club that he's a part of. See the video here

Session and Deacons Court Members

Hugh Fraser, Elder

Mr. Fraser is our elder and he has been serving as an elder in the congregation for many years and is an engineer by profession. 

Oct 6, 2013 2-58-38 PM.jpg

Edward Mondiwa, Deacon

Mr. Mondiwa serves in our congregation as a deacon and he is an engineer by vocation.

Deacon 2

Gerald Epp, Deacon

Mr. Epp was recently ordained as a deacon in our congregation. He works as an engineer for StructureCraft Builders. 

Our Focus on Godly Leadership

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of His Church with sovereign authority to rule the Church as He wills (Matthew 28: 18). This true Church must be governed by the structure of spiritual leadership which our Lord has described in His Word. There must be ministers or pastors to preach the Word of God and to administer the sacraments; elders to teach, disciple, guide and correct the flock as the Lord has taught; and deacons to provide comfort to the needy and encouragement to all members to use the gifts God has given them. 

What's more, we wholeheartedly believe that all believers hold the noble calling of Christ to be His prophets, priests, and kings in this age as we exercise our gifts together. As prophets we speak the truth with a heart of love, as priests we serve with the grateful heart of one who has been set free, and as kings we have the authority of sons and daughters of the King! 

Our prayer is that you will experience the blessings of church membership as you receive the care that is provided to you by your fellow members and those who labour under the calling to serve you as pastors, elders, and deacons.