Sermon Recordings

We post most of our sermons on Sermon Audio for you to easily access all of our recordings. Whether you're re-listening to a sermon from Sunday or wanting to get a sense of what our preaching is like, we invite you to check out our collection on

About Our Preaching

Our preaching is Christ-centred and Gospel-focused. This means that every sermon is intended to communicate the great things which the LORD our God has done in history in order to bring about our redemption from sin and our reconciliation in Jesus Christ!

What's more, we believe that preaching must get to the heart of the matter... which is the heart. As the Puritan Thomas Watson put it, "Until sin be bitter, Christ is not sweet." This means that our sermons won't feel 'light' or 'fluffy' because the problem of sin in us is so great and the good news of Christ's ministry to us is so glorious! 

Recommended Reading

If you would like to learn more about the principles of preaching that we believe in, check out the following books: 

Him We Proclaim
(Dennis Johnson)

Christ-Centered Preaching
(Bryan Chapell)

(Timothy Keller)

Preaching and Biblical Theology 
(Edmund Clowney)

Sermon Series

The Gospel of Matthew: Pastor Norm is currently working through the Gospel in an expository (text-focused) series that is bringing us closer to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Within Matthew's gospel account is an exquisite portrait of our Saviour and a testimony about how He has fulfilled the Lord's Promise to bring salvation to His people. (Listen to the sermon series)

A Survey of the Whole Bible: In our teaching service, Pastor Norm is teaching us about the Bible by looking at each book in sequence. The hope in doing so is that we will see how the Bible fits together as a whole and how it all speaks of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Mediator! (Listen to the sermon series)


The Prophecy of Joel:  Pastor Norm preached through the prophecy of Joel, who served in the time of Josiah and brings to us, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, a most timely word of caution and direction!

1st and 2nd Thessalonians: Pastor Norm preached through the letters of Paul to the Thessalonians. We were convicted by the powerful exhortations and warnings found in these letters! Nevertheless, we were also greatly reassured by God's Word as it prepares us for the challenges that the church faces in this age. (Listen to the sermon series)

The Gospel of Mark: Pastor Matandika preached a series of sermons on the 2nd Gospel in the New Testament and the story of what King Jesus did for us! (Listen to the sermon series)

The Book of Ecclesiastes: Pastor Matandika preached through this Wisdom book with its profound reflections on life, eternity, and the need to fear the Lord and serve Him in the face of every calamity in life. (Listen to the sermon series)